I have a Treo 600 used that I got off of this site.
It was unlocked and in used shape.
Its a cool phone and works great.
I have added not one but two kids in my life in the last 17 months and this is too big to carry around.
Specs Treo 600
I have wrapped the wires with tin foil to improve reception and remove the buzzing that happens from time to time.
I pay for the T-Mobile $5.99/mo Limited internet and I have teh codes in place to get FULL Internet access, and its pretty fast!
So if you want a Treo with full internet for only $5.99 extra per month this phone will work, out of the box.
Includes box, charger (wall), and I think I still have instructions printed out.

The phone is highly used, but in full working shape. There has always been a scratch proof cover on the screen, so the screen is not scratched. It just shows bumps and wear around the edges. No bad spots on the screen!

What I want, a slim style T-Mobile Compatable phone, something cool. I could easily sell this one on ebay and then purchase one, but a swap would work for me.
Email me at mattglore@southernprecision.com include model # And link to a picture of the phone.