Thought I had a login at treocentral, but apparently I didn't. You can check my ebay feedback (binkjet) and I have posts over on pdaphonehome (mcmc)...

For sale is a PalmOne wifi card - bought this guy when I first got my Treo 650, hoping shadowmite would eventually come up w/ a wifi driver. Well, he never did =P But this still works with a variety of different PalmOne devices (including one of the newer smartphones, but I stopped following a while ago...).

I'll sell for $75 shipped...email contact is best: maurice dot chung at gmail dot com ...thx!


I also have a Kyocera 7135 w/ all accessories (battery, swivel holster, desktop charger/cradle, styli, etc.), near new (insurance replacement). Thought I'd hang on to it as a backup but danged if my treo 650 never breaks. Make an offer.