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    I have a Rhinoskin Ti Slider for sale. I purchased a Prism so this case will no longer work for me.

    It is in pretty good shape - some of the neoprene is smashed in a bit due to the design, and it has some wear marks where surfaces contact each other.

    Lastly, it has been repaired due to a modification attempt. The case is completely functional and there appears to be no difference whatsoever. However, I have to be honest in that the pins that the lid rotates on are not the stock pins. I made some pins myself to replace the pins that I damaged in the modification attempt. Not the smartest idea I've ever had, but I felt I should disclose this information. The shell was not changed at all. The case does work exactly how it was intended to work.

    $40+$4 shipping in the continental US (via US Priority Mail).
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