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    Starting Price: $250 plus shipping
    Buy-it-Now Price: N/A
    Color: Treo blue with silver bezel
    Included: Original box, manual, charger, Palm Desktop software, Palm car charger, two extra styli, Sony HBH-660 BT Headset (without home charger, but with car charger), Lexar 1 GB SD card, Micro Technologies IR Wireless Keyboard (never got it to work with Treo)
    Life Timer: 22229
    Used/Tested Networks: Sprint
    Condition: Good, but shows use

    Selling Details:
    Location: Sherman, TX
    Shipping: UPS Ground
    Payment: Paypal

    Additional Details
    I recently switched to Verizon due to lacking CS from Sprint, so I'm selling my beloved 650. It's been with me for awhile (original run of 650s, purchased in November of 2004). The thing's been great, but it's up for sale.

    In addition to all of the accessories I've mentioned, this phone has well over $150 in software installed. The problem is, as with most Palm OS software, the registration is linked to the Hotsync name. Since I switched to a Samsung i730, I don't need the Palm OS software anymore. It's all yours if you don't mind using my old Hotsync ID.

    Software includes:

    Bejeweled 2
    Pocket Express (monthly subscription required)
    PocketTunes Deluxe
    Uninstall Manager
    TCPMP (freeware).

    If you have any questions, please email me at scott AT acreecreative DOT com. You can PM me also, but you'll have better luck with my email.
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    Ok, I had to knock down the resolution so bad you can't see anything. I've hosted the big files on a website I've got. On the last two files, you can see where the silver paint has rubbed off the bezel to the right of the screen. That has also happened on the five way around the top edge.

    Showing Life Timer screen
    Showing Life Timer screen 2
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    Don't know why the last two links didn't work. Here they are again:
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    Deal pending on another forum.

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