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    Handspring, for whatever reason, will not ship to APO or FPO addresses? Why not? Who knows? Several of us have contacted them, but they seem to remain clueless and have even gotten a little rude, without being helpful at all. Everyone else seems to ship to APO addresses (they are state side addresses as for as the USPS is concerned), why not Handspring. They could have a huge market with the military community. Consider parts of a letter my friend wrote to them and see what you think:

    ..."I'm in the United States Air Force, and they have decided that the best location for me to pay the price for your freedom is Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan. This means that I have an APO address. As I'm sure you know, you do not deal with APO addresses. This caused a hassle in obtaining a Visor in the first place, as I had to win a bid on E-bay to get one over here, since you do not deal with APO addresses....I hope you will find it within your powers to accommodate those of us who have dedicated our lives to providing you the luxury of freedom, and simply ship to APO addresses. I know of five other Handspring customers, just in my sphere of influence, that are also residing at APO addresses. I'm convinced that you could have a larger market to freedom fighters overseas if you would simply service APO addresses. There are hundreds of overseas bases
    whose residents reside at APO addresses....I am not angry, only displeased that the company behind such an excellent product doesn't take into consideration the people that provide the basic rights that allow that company to exist, operate, and even make a profit...."

    Hopefully, by making this situation aware to more than one or two clueless customer services reps, the situation can change, because even those of us who own Visors here can't get any service.

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    As far as I know Amazon does not ship to APO addresses either. I am sure that Handspring would ship to APO/FPO addresses if there ware no hindrance in them doing so. After all, why would they skip the business?
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    I really have no idea if this is it but as you said, your current residence is in Japan. Handspring does not ship overseas and I believe its not just because of cost. Many products are not sold overseas for various reasons and Handspring is trying to cover themselves by doing so.

    Do any of the following online retailers ship to APO/FPO addresses?
    -Comp USA
    Matt Nichols
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    I think they don't ship there as they are already "selling" units in Japan.. I am sure that has something to do with it.. Now if you only wanted a "localized" Visor, you would be all set..
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    Originally posted by yardie
    As far as I know Amazon does not ship to APO addresses either. I am sure that Handspring would ship to APO/FPO addresses if there ware no hindrance in them doing so. After all, why would they skip the business?
    Amazon does ship (most things) to APO addresses; I have ordered from them many times. (There have been a couple of items they wouldn't send). As far as Handspring skipping the business, I wonder the same thing. There is no hinderence to them mailing items to an APO address. People/businesses do it all the time. It is considered a stateside address (the items coming here go to San Fransico, and then the military brings them over).
    Concerning the units already being sold in Japan: I don't speak Japanese and have no use for a "localized" Visor. My address isn't a Japanese address anyway; APO addresses >ARE< US addresses. I would fully understand if there were some difficulty in their doing business with military folks overseas, but there simply isn't. The only thing hindering Handspring from providing us any sort of service at all is their company policy. I am not here to boycott HSP, or to tell everyone how evil they are. I have far greater things to say about them than I do negative. I do feel very strongly though, as do many others, that their policy of not dealing with military deployed and stationed overseas at all for whatever their reasons may be needs to change.

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    Handspring does not ship Visors to APO addresses for the same reason that Amazon does not ship Visors to APO addresses. I am not 100% sure, but I think government regulations (Export Administration)? forbids them from shipping electronics overseas. You have a US address, but the fact of the matter is that you are in Japan.

    Another would you get your Visor serviced if it goes bad?
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    Not only is their possible export issues. but APO/FPO Addresses cannot be accessed by shipping companies such as Fed-Ex, UPS, Airborne, etc. only good old fashioned and unreliable, untraceible, and downright scarey United States Postal Service. Also I do belive their is issues with return to sender if an order is refused or cannot be deliverd with the USPS (might be one of the reasons Amazon does not do so)

    I am certain about the Fed-Ex UPS thing as my family runs a Shipping outlet and we are not able to accept apo/fpo addresses in the same way you cannot accept a PO box for a ups shippment.
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    I ran a home-based gaming shop in Misawa, Japan for about 2 years. During that time, I ran into the fun of manufacturers not shipping to APO/FPO addresses. They wanted to ship UPS, which of course can't go to military mailboxes..


    UPS CAN send to your RESIDENCE address (i.e. at Misawa, the local UPS contractor, Black Cat, could deliver directly to my home, saving me from lugging about 150 lbs of gaming equipment from the PO and up the stairs )

    It's not exactly the cheapest way to go (compared to APO/FPO being domestic shipping rates), but it should be a viable workaround. Check with your housing office to see what your 'real' mailing address would be in this case.
    Good Luck!

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