I'm selling my trusty Sprint Treo 600 that's been in reliable service since they first came out several years ago. I bought it directly from Palm and it's never required any service until I replaced the battery last month with a new, higher capacity model. The Treo has always been stored in a custom Covertec leather holster and is scratch and dent free (there is one small scuff mark on the back of the unit visible under direct light). It has had both Palm Treo 600 firmware upgrades applied and is fully eligible for new service. It still works as good as the day I bought it.

Also included with the Treo is all of the original shipping material/software, (2) carrying cases, (2) AC chargers, (1) 12V Car charger, a charging/hotsync cradle, handsfree headset and extra USB sync cable. I've also provided a CD that contains about 48MB worth of Treo software including licensed copies of SnapperMail Enterprise, PDANet, Treo Alert Manager, Butler and TreoGuard. There's also a 256MB SD memory card installed in the expansion card slot.