LG HBM-300 (available at Bestbuy $69.99)
Sound quality, Range, style, weight, pairing. link.............

After 2 months over 20 bluetooth headset I tried ( Jabra Jx10/0510/350/150/M2500/M3000/800, Plantronic 645/640/320, Scala 500,
Sony Ericsson 602/610, Nokia 200/800/900, NXzen, RocketScience,.......
....you name it.
Now the search stop here at LG HBM-300, I am very picky specially at
Sound quality, static & range which are my most concerns, it satified
me a lot.
If you own a Treo 650, this is the one headset for you !
I am beginning to think how this headset overcome all the problems with the bad bluetooth in Treo ? but who cares if you have a good headset in use for your equipment.
I think if you all go out to buy this headset, there will be no more discussion at this forum, it ends here ! Period !