I have a factory Palm nonbranded unlocked CDMA Treo 650 world phone. with car charger (identical and completely compatable with the Alltel network)

here is a list of CDMA networks around the world


I dont know the policys for each provider so i cant promise who will allow what. what i can promise is that the phone is in very good condition, in complete working order, will makes calls and that the ESN is not blacklisted by any carrier. and that it is without a doubt a world CDMA palm phone.

asking $250 USD shipped 2-3 day USPS (United States) with confirmation (i will also ship the product 1-2 business days after recieving payment, along with supplying a USPS confirmation number)

This phone will work on the ALLtel network, and will be activated. infact it even has the same software on it as Alltel http://www.palm.com/us/support/downl...ater/cdma.html its listed under other cdma..

here is my Heatware


will ship to canada but might need to charge a bit more because of shipping (depends on quote i am given by United States Postal Service)

Here are some pics.

The phone is pretty much brand new with a few very tiny marks. i kept the image full size so that you can see for yourself. (there is a plastic screen cover on, that will be left on for the buyer to remove, also visable in the picture)

(some pics are thumbnails, you need to click on them to see fullsize)

(image was taken in my masterbedroom countertop, not in the bathroom )