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    Yes, I know... i went to the dark side... I really liked the 700w but after several months of fighting the problems and reading these forums each day, I got the Q and it seems to suit my phone usage quite well.

    I am selling all my Treo 700w accessories: Palm OEM desktop cradle Kit, 1GB Sandisk SD Memory card, side leather belt case, leather latch holster, car charger and headphone adapter... i'm planning to stick on ebay but if someone here is interested, just shoot me an email and we can discuss a paypal transaction.
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    Is this a package or are you selling them in parts? I would be interested in the cradle adn headphone adapter, is it from ppctechs?
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    I'm interested in your desktop cradle kit.

    Please shoot a price to along with the PayPal address where I can send the funds.
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    I would be willing to sell either way. The cradle is from palm, so it's the one with all the adapters you can use in different countries etc. I don't recall where I got the headphone adaptor.

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