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    Well here's my story with Handspring...

    Ordered a Visor Platinum from Amazon at the end of November 2000... By mid December it had failed. The device would not turn on... If soft-reset, it would come on but not turn off... I called Handspring tech support and they said do a hard-reset (back to factory defaults)... Did not help - still would not turn on...

    Handspring then said they needed to replace the unit. They sent me a new Platinum the next day. It failed with the same problem by mid January 2001... Once again I jumped through the tech support hoops to no avail... Again they sent me a new Platinum... This one failed this week, same problem and Handspring will not own up to any systemic problem with the Platinum... They just want to keep sending me replacement units... How long will this go on? I have no confidence in this device anymore... Everytime I get one I'm just waiting for the day it won't come on when I press the power button.

    So today I asked Handspring for my money back and they said no - apparently it's been too long since my initial purchase (must be less than 30 days).. I explained that the Platinum never consistently worked for me... They still said, sorry company policy prevents us from helping you... Then I asked for an upgrade to a Prism (maybe it would work better)...Again NO... All Handspring will do for me is replace the Platinum over and over and over again... This will be my fourth Platinum...

    I'd say it's a seriously flawed device that I'm stuck with... The idea of the Platinum is good, the execution sucks.. I can not recommend this product based on my experience and Handspring the company has big time let me down too...

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    How can you demand a refund from Handspring when you didn't purchase the product from them? Shouldn't you be chasing Amazon for a refund?

    I find it very strange that you got 3? bad units in a row. There are lots of folks here with Platinums and they don't seem to be having any problems. If it fail again, speak to a supervisor and insist that every effort is made to get you a more reliable unit.
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    I don't mean to sound rude. But this is really strange. I you sure your not leaving out the part where you set it down next to a huge magnet? juggled it with flamming batons? or maybe forgot it in your back pocket when you went swimming?

    I've heard so much good about the these devices and have had no problems with mine (knock on wood) for months. It don't seem like it's the customer service that you have a problem with, at least your getting them to send you a new device when you have a problem. but since you have had this issue several times, have you looked into the either your states or Handsprings state (I'm not sure wich one it is) for the applicable "Lemon Law" I've had laptops and other equipment replaced for other items (much like your idea of the prism upgrade) because they were in the shop 3 times for the same problem. my only suggestion is make sure you rule out something your doing (batteries, bad software, sitting on it!) and only deal with a supervisor if you try to pursue it.
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    I find it very strange that you got 3? bad units in a row.
    I'm on my 5th Visor Deluxe. This isn't all that strange. mciccone, I know how you feel.

    Have you tried getting any responses from Amazon? They may be able to push things along. If this one goes out, when you call them up again, INSIST on getting a new Prism...NOT a refurb. For whatever reason, there seems to be a much higher defect rate on their refurbs.

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    DocWardo et al...

    I'm seriously not leaving part of the story out... I'm not a novice with this technology... The thing just one day stops turning on and off... Let's talk about the notion of a "Hard-Reset". Handspring asked me to do a this - it erases all user app and data, so the device is effectively back to the state it was when delivered to me (i.e. factory defaults).. If we agree on this, then it is impossible that any third party software or viruses are causing the problem. I did several hard-resets and the problem did not go away...

    I only asked Handspring for a refund because the tech support guy said that would be one of my options when I called customer service... This turned out to be false...
    I really wanted an upgrade to a Prism... I've made a pretty sizable investment in Palm software and peripherals for Visor... I still would like one that works!!!!

    I also, simultaneously, sent an email to Amazon customer service, here is what they had to say:

    Thank you for writing to us at

    I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties
    with your "Handspring Visor Platinum" and the
    manufacturer of this product.

    Unfortunately, since this has been 30 days past the
    date that you received the original item all problems
    must be direted to the manufacturer.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any
    further questions and thank you for shopping at

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