I have a gently used Treokitz 650 kit that includes everthing in the kit sold at www.itzkitz.com (except the container used to ship the kit and the screen protector). I have also included a Sandisk 256 Secure Digital card. If you are looking for a semi-rigid hard shell leather holster case which protects your treo inside your pocket or attached with a belt clip, I think this is the best case out there.

Treokitz has been sold out of this case for a while, so they can be hard to find. It was designed to mimic the Vaja T65 case which retails for $100 or more (this case, when its avaliable, retails for $50 plus shipping). I ship the same day payment is received. Don't hesitate to email with additional questions or photo requests. Thus, this package includes...

1) The TreoKitz Case

2) Retractable sync cable which also recharges your phone

3) Removable belt clip and belt clip post

4) 2.5mm to 3.5mm earphone jack adapter to fit most headphones

5) 256 MB Sandisk secure digital card

Original Site to Purchase case:


Review of TreoKitz Case


Search Ebay for Treokitz to find this package (and pictures) on ebay... email manoosie at yahoo dot com with offers!