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    The following for sale:

    *Visor Prism (excellent condition, 65k colors, 33MHz, comes with box, cradle, docs, CD and extra 1-Year Replacement Warranty from Best Buy)

    *Stowaway Keyboard (w/ box, etc.)

    *Handspring Springboard 8MB Flash Module (w/ box, etc.)

    *Targus Combo Leather Case (hold both keyboard & Prism)

    *Multicolor Stylus Pack

    *Extra Serial HotSync Charging Cradle for Prism

    ...All told I paid out almost $800 for all this. I'm willing to take $500 from the first person who emails. I can do whichever online payment you like, or money order. Any shipment method desired.

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    Are you still stuck on selling all of the above as package deal?
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    I Am interested if you still have it.
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    See title. email if your interested.

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