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    ittyMIDI Player - save 30% from

    Drives an external synthesiser with accessory cable. Feature rich for stage and practice/instruction situations. Read the manual for all the cool features.

    Requires PalmOS, serial cradle or serial hotsync cable with serial to MIDI adapter. Handsprings require powered converter box.

    7-in-1 Big Bang Games Pack - save 30% from

    Seven great games in a pack - Bars - amusing and relaxing game with superb graphic design, Eggs - attractive game to challenge your fast reactions, Mines - classic strategy games - now with 400 squares and more than 100 mines for devices supporting HiRes 320x320, OutPost - action game, Pairs - one of the best known games to train your memory and Snake - amusing, attractive and quite interesting classic game - played by millions! Save money - Buy now!
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    Wow, have you noticed the amazing Palm in the ittyMIDI picture? Must be that new 'Hollywood' Treo we keep hearing about......
    HP Pre 3 (UK)

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