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    FWIW, I too will definitely vouch for mjeleven and his high level of customer service. I added 2 650's onto my family plan. Both of them were phone numbers from Verizon, and mjeleven handled the number portability for both lines. I'm still getting free Vision for those lines. I've spoken with him on the phone and traded emails, which he answers quickly. Thanks again for your help mj.
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    Inphonics is offering 700p in $279. Lowest non eBay price.
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    Any specials on upgrades yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 77d7
    The reason they have 100% feedback is because, as you'll notice, these are restricted auctions--they have to approve you to bid. Therefore, they will only let the bidders through that they know are going to post positive feedback for them. (I've been a steady eBay seller and buyer since 1998, I'm fairly familiar with how things work.)

    There are four seller accounts on eBay selling this way: itemzbay, sprintnetwork, pobox4403, and preferredsourcing. Itemzbay and sprintnetwork are one and the same, if you call both numbers, you'll eventually get the same people, or at least the same mailbox/extension #'s. They all require you to have top-tier credit, and you have to make your newly activated line the primary on your account--better credit=bigger commission, as does the primary line. They are discounting your phone price from their commission, at least in theory.

    I bought a line from Pobox, and cancelled it within two days. He destroyed my plan. I lost my loyalty discount, my corporate discount, and three freebies I had on my account. It took me countless hours on the phone with customer service trying to fix it. At best, he's a moron, at worst, a scam artist. You can read about him on several forums, he is well known for not honoring the promised price (you get your invoice and are charged full retail, or at least significantly higher than what was offered) and he harasses you to buy accessories, which are costlier than retail, and always seems to fail to mention the shipping charges. Oh, and no refunds on any accessories... your phone calls and emails go unanswered. Only option is CC chargeback... hope your bank is friendly to you if you go this route.

    If you buy from itemzbay/sprintnetwork, they force you to activate a new account, $60+ monthly minimum, iirc. Supposedly, after 32-35 days, you can then add the line onto your existing family plan. I have seen several references to people being satisfied with them, but I didn't get that far. Every time I spoke to these guys I got a different story, it just seemed too shady.

    Preferredsourcing runs the same kind of discounting operation, but of all of them, he seems to be the most upfront and honest about it. Had no problem answering my questions and I was fairly comfortable with him. Unfortunately, I ended up not dealing with him, because I wanted to transfer the phone I would get from him onto my SERO line, and that would have blown things up for him, resulting in a chargeback to my account, so I passed. But for someone who is non-SERO and looking to activate new service or add a line to the family plan, preferredsourcing is the only one I could recommend. And even then, I would be very careful in doing the deal... make sure all your i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

    Overall, though, I think one would be better dealing with OTI (this is a very fair price, plus you're getting your plan discounted) or trying your luck with retentions. The eBay dealers have too many hoops to jump through, and only one of the three struck me as being honest and legit. Buyer beware with them.

    And as far as OTI, I have not dealt with them, but there is an old thread around here from when the 650 was released, and they are legit. I recall reading about many satisfied customers, and don't recall seeing any complaints.

    Well said, I think everyone was looking for the scoop on the Ebay guys.
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    3 threads pushing his crap.
    Freedom of some speech in the US, through someone in the UK.
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    You're one of those negative guys, aren't you. I've done business with 100's of guys here at TC and all of them are happy. All of your comments here are negative. I wish I had the opportunity to take care of you as a customer, then you would know.

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    You'll do anything to bump your thread. Sad.
    Freedom of some speech in the US, through someone in the UK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geatches
    You'll do anything to bump your thread. Sad.
    More negativety, SAD

    Haven't even been to TC since last week, funny how you look for my replies.
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    I'll never keep up with this thread....
    mjeleven, can you email or PM me when you have something for existing Sprint customers?
    Thanx a bunch,
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    I bought my 650 from you and it was a flawless transaction.

    The only problem is my treo died today. It has been 11 months and the phone is supposed to have a 12 month warranty?

    Is the warranty through sprint or Palm? They both point to the other?

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