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    added pics.
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    Are you sure this isn't a GSM Unlocked? How do you get a CDMA unlocked phone? I've never heard of that before.
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    You can't unlock a CDMA Treo. It looks like an Alltel Treo 650. Sprints is blue with a grey face, and Verizons is All grey. Only Alltel uses the Blue body with the Chrome Blue face.

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    it's cdma...there is such a thing as unlocked cdma...

    uncommon in the us due to sprint/verizon business practices.

    check his provided link of cdma networks.

    you can't determine the radio by the phone color. this phone is sold outside of the US
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    nope its unlocked, and is CDMA, hence why it isnt branded by anyone other then PalmOne. and there is no SIM, only ESNs.

    trust me, its an unlocked CDMA. look on Palm's site, its listed under (Other CDMA)

    its a rare breed of treo 650, but its rock solid and shows no signs of the common treo 650 issues
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    no matter what, VZW or Sprint will NOT activate this phone.
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    nope. that is true

    alltel MIGHT. that's one thing that sucks about Verizon and Sprint:: their logo NOT on the phone = no activation for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81
    no matter what, VZW or Sprint will NOT activate this phone.
    actually ive heard you can activate non verizon phones threw their prepaid accounts, then transfer it over.

    so if you know anyone with a prepaid account it might be doable.

    but this info was posted several months ago on another forum, so i cant promise anything.

    but looking into it, yea this phone wont activate on sprint for sure.

    im not trying to hide anything by the way, as im sure wbkm85 will tell you im not out to screw anyone over. this is an awesome phone for any carrier that will activate it (most of the world except verizon and sprint cause they are greedy)

    P.S verizon used to activate non verizon phones up till about a little under a year ago..

    EDIT: after looking into it, Alltel Will activate non alltel phones. just tell them its an alltel treo and they should be able to help.. im sure if you also tell them its a factory unlocked they should be able to help
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    ok 2 days till i post this on ebay as an Alltel treo 650 for a Buy It Now of 214 plus shipping.

    so grab this rare unlocked beauty while you can..

    or im willing to let go of it here for that much (shipping and handling will probably be around 20 bucks)

    so if anyone wants this for 235 its yours. so i guess price drop
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    up you go..
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    once more

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