MobiSystems Mail - save 30% from

View your day at a glance by managing your tasks, contacts and meetings. The program
unifies and enhances the functionalities of tasks manager, address book, notes
manager and date book in a single program. It also keeps track of all your important details so you don't have to.

MobiSystems® Mail also integrates with the built-in ToDo Manager, Meetings, Calendar and
Memopad programs. Any data entered in either MobiSystems® Mail or the standard Palm
applications will be saved and accessible in both programs. Since MobiSystems® Mail is compatible with all the standard Palm

applications, you can be sure that you will have seamless synchronization with the Palm desktop software, be able to

maintain your important contacts, and keep all your tasks up-to-date on both your handheld device and desktop


SmartSheet for Palm OS - save 30% from

SmartSheet: a true PDA spreadsheet!

SmartSheet Features:

User defined formulas
Scientific functions
Data compatible with Excel and other desktop spreadsheets (using .csv export data)
Customizable formatting
Built in color themes
Auto size and auto recalc
... and much more!