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    I have a lightly used, in like new condition, Enfora WIFI adaptor for the Treo 650. It would come with the original box, international charger, battery cover, and cd. It works excellent and allows the Treo 650 to connect to 802.11b wireless networks. I used it at my University and in several coffee shops around my town. I don't use it enough to make it worth keeping though. I'd like to get $125 shipped.


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    What color is it?
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    It is the blue model.

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    I'll give ya $50 plus shipping for it.

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    Will my unlocked Treo 650 with the Enfora WiFi Sled be able to pick up and open my AOL email when communicating with my home Linksys Wirless -G Broadband Router or a hotel WiFi ??? Are any special procedures or AOL software needed ?

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