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    I switched carriers and had to buy a new phone so here's my other one for sale. It works on Sprint networks. It's only about 6 mos. old and I have ALL the items that came with it. Box, cords, software, etc. It's got a couple scratches on the corners but the screen is perfect and still has the original screen protector on it. I always kept it in a case so it's been well protected.

    $175 obo.
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    sounds good, i'll take it, how do i send the money/recieve the product?
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    I've got a sale pending pictures being received and I'll know very shortly. If it doesn't go through I'll post back here ASAP.

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    $175 is an excellent deal...
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    Yeah it is, I'd be interested if it doesnt go through :-D
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    4 posts make me nervous. No offence...
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