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    i have mint condition ICE visor deluxe that is less than three months old. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a BLUE visor deluxe. if anybody would be willing to trade with me that would be awesome. if your's is newer than mine i will throw is cash as well.

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    I am interested. Please post your e-mail address or e-mail me at so we discuss this in a more private venue. Hope we can work something out.
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    I'd be willing to trade. I've got a blue one that's a couple months old.
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    How come you want Blue so much more than Ice? Just curious...

    "Sacrilege! A novel read for a lesson is not a novel."
    -William Stafford
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    sorry, already got somebody willing to trade
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    i just really like the way the blue looks over the way the ice looks.

    i saw somebody with one and it looked awesome

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    Or did the Ice get run over with a car in a parking lot and get rained on for 3 days?
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    You're all wrong. ORANGE rocks!
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    Hate to sound droll, but the graphite is as classy as it gets.
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    I thought Blue was as classy as it got?

    "Sacrilege! A novel read for a lesson is not a novel."
    -William Stafford

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