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    I've had my T600 for 2 years, but the internal speaker just stopped working last week. (think the same problem that we see in the posts) It works from time to time (for example when using VolumeCare), but I think that the internal speaker needs to be replaced.

    SInce I wouldn't have the time to do it, I just bought a 650 (which by the way is a bit frustrating sometimes...). I think that if someone has the time to replace the internal speaker, then s/he would be very happy with the T600 that works perfectly fine (even screen has no scratch).

    Here is therefore the deal. I am willing to give my Treo so that s/he repairs it. If that works fine, then this person would pay me GBP 50. Obviously I have no way to check, but most Treo fans are quite honest.... Since I live in London, best would be for the buyer to be in London too, otherwise I would need to package, pay for shipping, etc. Cheers, Huy
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    internal speaker as in the speakerphone for the back or the earpiece? i might be interested and will pay shipping to the US
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    PM sent
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    It's the speaker you normally use for your phone calls (not the external loud speakerphone).

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