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    For Sale:
    Tom Navigator 5 Deluxe set with Bluetooth GPS

    -TomTom MKII Bluetooth GPS (New one, using Sirf III chipset).
    -TomTom Navigator 5 software for Palm(newest version)
    -TomTom Navigator 2004 software for Palm(old version)
    -Product Codes, Device Codes, Active Codes
    -AC Adapter/Charger with adapters for foreign power
    -Auto/Cigarette Lighter Adapter/Charger
    -Original Box/Manuals

    Normally sells for $299 online
    $249 or best offer.

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    The following is from Tomtom site regarding transfers to new hardware device:

    My activation code no longer works on my repaired PocketPC.
    It may well be that your Pocket PC was exchanged rather than repaired, and that therefore the device code has changed, making your current activation code invalid. In this case, you will need to apply for a new Product Code:

    Application for new Product Code
    In order for product activation administration team to issue a new product code please fax documentation that can demonstrate product ownership and the repair / replacement of the Pocket PC device?

    Items of documentation should include hard copies of all of the following:

    A copy of the purchase receipt for the TomTom Navigator for PalmOne or Pocket PC PDAs.
    For internet retailers, a printout of the rich content receipt in HTML form and trademarked by them is a reasonable alternative. An online copy of a purchase receipt is usually accessible via your online account space with the supplier, or by searching for it by supplying transaction number and one other detail. Email copies of purchase receipts are not preferred due to the authenticity of content and / or origin.
    A photocopy of the front of CD 1.
    A photocopy of the existing Product Code label supplied with the original copy of TomTom Navigator.
    The Product Code label is a white label with 15 letters and numbers on it. Click here for details of where to find the Product Code label.
    Also supply one or more of the following items in qualifying your particular circumstance:

    A service and repair documentation demonstrating the replacement of the original Pocket PC.
    Store returns receipt(s) demonstrating the replacement of the original Pocket PC.
    If a second Pocket PC has been purchased recently send the purchase receipt / documentation for the original and new Pocket PC.
    Supplying the information above will aid in expediting the release of a new product code from our product activation administration team to within the same day or less (relative to our hours of operation of 9 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday Eastern Time)

    Please note that the TomTom Licensing agreement affords each customer two concurrent active installations of Navigator only. If you have only activated TomTom Navigator once in the past you can apply for the second activation code from as long as 7 days have passed since the original activation.

    Once we have received such formation we will gladly supply a new product code to activate Navigator. Please fax the documents along with a copy of this email to: (978) 287 9522 and address the fax to attention of the Activation Team.
    Upon receipt of this information, we will be happy to provide you with a new activation code.

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