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    I have here a blue Visor Deluxe, with an 8MB Flash module, the original leather slipcase, a Handspring Bifold leather case, docking cradle, an additional serial docking cradle, a full pakage of Writerights, extra styli (Handspring Deluxe Styli, assorted colors). It's about a month old, in mint condition (never used without Writerights, no visible wear on casing). Asking $200 OBO.

    E-mail me for pictures, or to inquire/buy.

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    Have you sold this????
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    I'll take it if its still for sale. Give me an email.
    Rose's are Red
    My Visor is Blue...
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    I've been looking for my dream machine (perfect PDA <G>) for some time now. If the guy above doesn't want it, I'd be interested

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    I thought it was sold before but the deal fell through... whoever gets back to me first has first shot at it.

    I got rid of it because <gasp> I bought a PocketPC. Do you still wanna do business with such a traitor? hahaha....
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    If it's still available, I'd be willing to buy it...I've only got about $170 though. I'm a student, and believe a VDX is perfect - that's what says anyway

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    All right, it's been considered, but since it's below asking price, I'll have to see what other offers I get.
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    Thanks for the consideration. I realize the asking price is fair, but I'm reluctant to spend that much right now - the new palm m505 is supposed to drive monochrome prices down in a couple of months.

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    Yeah, but the m505 doesn't have 16MB of storage space
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    Buzzard I'll pay you $30 for the 8 meg module and you can sell the rest to Mark for $170 if that's agreeable to him.

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    Point to you. True - actually, the M505 doesn't exist yet... But I'm trying to be careful with my money, and it's possible that what I get now will be what I take with me to college. I didn't see the module when I was reading the post earlier...

    It's interesting getting replies this quickly...I've never been on a board like this before <g>

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    Me neither, actually. It sends me an email when there's a new post, and my email gets checked every 5 minutes. Depending on when it hits, it could tell me in 30 seconds or so, or 10 minutes.

    Anyhow, same here. I'm taking my current setup to college with me. I think I bought too much, actually... I've got a 64MB card in my new machine and I'll never use it up.

    Eh, nah, I'm not gonna separate them. Sorry, Matt.

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    Marfu's offer sounds good to me. I don't think I'll ever need more than 8 megs. When are you going to college? I'm a Junior this year.

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    Yeah, I'm a senior. I'll be at Clarkson U. next year.

    And you'd be surprised at how fast 8MB will go. I had almost filled the module, and half-filled main memory. (I always try to leave some unused on the device for execution.)
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    If you get 7 more replies on this topic, you get flames on the folder Anyway... Does my 170 sound good, when combined with Marfu's $30 for the 8 meg module? It'd bring it up to the asking price...
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    I'd say if you have $170, run to Staples and pick up the standard Visor, and get a memory module someday when you need one. Sorry. :P
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    Ok...keep me on your list though...If you don't get any other offers send me an email.

    We're outta luck, Marfu.

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    I sure as hell will.

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    Ok. I'll keep an eye out for a note from you... Best of luck at college next year

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    I'm very interested.
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