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    I currently have a pristine condition iPAQ 4700 package (Everything below in the 510$ package is up for trade for the 700w) that i'm looking to trade for a Verizon Treo 650 - 700w. Obviously if it's the 700w i'd be adding in a whole lot of accessories and maybe even other devices for. But All in all i'm just looking to see if I can trade the 4700 for a Treo 650 from Verizon.

    I will also add in the Samsung SPA-600 Phone for sprint if your interested

    ---Willing to consider offers to trade for any PDA/Phone from Verizon----

    Price of everything if your willing to pay money, Paypal only please.

    iPAQ 4700 + Original accessories / cradle, oem software, box + Boxwave Cleartouch Crystal and Anti-Glare (AntiGlare installed, screen never touched with human hands)

    Boxwave Activecase

    Boxwave Armorcase

    4Gig Hitachi Microdrive (Blue version, the one that is sold at CompUSA and works in PDAs)

    Complete Package 510$ for all of the above.


    ThinkOutside BT Keyboard + TO BT Mouse

    MiniBud Headphones

    Samsung SPA-600 phone for Sprint

    PSP + 512Mem Pro Sandisk + Fireteam Bravo + GTA LC + original accessories + pelican case + screen protector

    If there's anyone out there please reply asap.
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    Anyone interested in any of the items above? if so, please feel free to email/pm me with offers

    Still looking for a Verizon Treo. WIlling to purchase immediately!

    (Would be willing to pay generous amount for Verizon 700w)

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    howdy...just signed up with sprint and have my new 650 on the way....i am now looking to sell my verizon 650....looking for 250 shipped.....including ac charger, hotsync cable, original verizon great shape two small scratches on the body, but the screen is perfect and the phone has no issues.....
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    The iPAQ has been upgraded to Windows Mobile 5.0.

    Will also include my copy of MobileNavigator 5 and the complete 1gig map of North America if you wish.

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