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    I am selling an unlocked GSM PalmOne Treo 650 that is in mint condition with no scratches on the screen or body. It is less than three months old. This is the unlocked phone available directly from Palm. This is not a branded phone that has been unlocked.

    It is running the latest ROM version (Treo650-1.20-ENA). It comes with the following:
    • Unlocked GSM PalmOne Treo 650 in Mint Condition (View Details)
    • Screen Protector Installed (No Scratches)
    • Palm OEM Cradle with AC Adapter and USB Cable (View Details)
    • Sandisk Ultra II 2GB SD Card (View Details)
    • PDAir Treo 650 Case (View Details)
    • Windows Installation CD
    I am getting rid of the device in order to purchase a cell phone and a Palm TX. I really miss the bigger screen of the T5 I had.

    Asking $400 for everything via PayPal or a Money Order. Price includes shipping within the United States via UPS ground.

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    You have email/ebay message from ebay user astephen.
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    This item has been sold. Thank you.

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