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    I have a PalmIII RhinoSkin Ti Slider/ClipPack combo that I can't use anymore. (I've upgraded to a VDX). I'm looking for a visor Stowaway keyboard.
    The slider is in good/Vgood condition, and the ClipPak is in good condition. This case saw me and my PIII through 2 years of night shifts in the ER. They are well used, but in good condition. I will include the stylus (metal, with reset pin) that came with the case, which makes it easier to get at while the P III is in the case.

    I'd prefer a VDX stowaway with case, But I'm willing to negociate. All I ask is that the keyboard work, and still have the letters visible (I can't touch type!).
    Let me know and we'll talk
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    nevermind folks, someone just gave me a keyboard

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