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    Im selling my treo 650, its unlocked, i have tmobile right now and this is a cingular branded phone
    its easy great working condition...

    i have ALL software and booklets
    i have the phone (retails for 400-600)
    i have a SD 1gb card (retails for 60-100)
    i have a IR keyboard (with software) (retails for 100)
    i have a car charger (few bucks)
    i have TWO home chargers (few bucks)
    i have one sync cable (included)

    i wanna sell this all for 400 OBO

    i didnt feel like resizing it. plus u can see one charger wirte there...i didnt picture the sync cable other charger (bc its at work) and the car cahrger..

    and i forgot to mention..its cingular branded, but i bought silver stickers to go over that....i have 2 more that i can send...
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    if someone doesnt wanna wait for that to end, the reervse is 350..i will sell it now for 300 plus shipping. let me know.
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    PM'd you
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  6. #7 the Treo sold? Otherwise, I'm interested...drop me an email at

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