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    I have a mint, one month old Treo 650 with all accessories, and a nice case. it has had a screen protector on it from day one and both the unit and screen are scratch free. This will work with T-Mobile, Cingular, and most any other GSM network cell phone provider.

    I'm looking to get 325 shipped, can provide pics if needed. Its mint as T-Mobile wouldn't provide insurance so I babied it as I paid nearly 500 for it because its both unbranded and unlocked you won't be disappointed. Ebay Feedback: JoshW3 you can even look to see I purchased it roughly a month ago for 500 bucks. or PM me.

    Let me know, Josh
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    till waiting to hear from you
    Treo 680 On ATT
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    ill buy it. take paypal?

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