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    I have a Sprint Treo 650 I bought off eBay that is listed as a lost replacement (not stolen) and has a locked ESN. Otherwise, it has about 400 lifetimer minutes and is in PERFECT condition. I have no battery. Just the phone, stylus, and everything that's attached to it. Nothing has been removed. It powers up and works 100%, you just can't activate it.

    The first $100 takes it. This great to have on hand for spare parts. Most of the parts will work with any other carrier's Treo.

    PayPal only please. I have a verified business account.
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    what happens if i verizonize it?
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    Still available? I'll take it. Email me at moviecutter (at) NOSPAMmac (dot) com
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    ls3mach at

    Email me if you still have it.
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    I sent you a PM a few days ago and never heard back. I'll shoot you an email right now.
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    Is this still available?

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