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    I am too stupid to use all the power this gadget has..........Also, I found out that the site I bought this phone to use.....Isn't available anymore.So now I have a big *** phone that I don't understand......I jus wanna buy a little phone that is made for my people(The boneheads)

    Ya wanna buy it ??
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    hehe, well what makes you think you have to use all the potential of the phone on the first day? My career is writing windows software, and i still havent used "all the power" of my 700. I dont know what these things go for on eBay, or how flexible verizon will be, but i know you will probably loose your *** unless your trial period is not yet over. Perhaps you should consider holding on to it, and moving in to it more slowly.
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    I'd be willing to buy it. PM Sent

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