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    VISOR DeLuxe for sale. Like new! Ice color. USB cradle. In original box. Best offer over $150.
    John G
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    I'm willing to spend about $180. You manna talk about it?

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    As of today the Platinum is still for sale. Best offer over $150. I'll pay shipping and insurance in USA.
    John G
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    I'd be very interested in the Visor Platinum if it's available. I've got around $160 to spend, but I'd be willing to talk. Send me an email if you are interested. I'm a student, and have been looking for my dream machine for quite some time now. Thanks

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    I'd also be interested in the platinum. Same as before, I've got about $180 to spend. Please email me.

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    I'd be willing to go $185. I was also wondering what condition it's in. Did you always use write-rites? No scratches?

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    email me as to wether this is a Visor Deluxe or a Visor Platinum. If its a platinum, i'll be next in line to purchase it, but if its a Vdx, let us know already. You've got conflicting posts up above, so clear it up.

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    Cancel my offer. If this guy is too busy to check his posts for days at a time, and can't remember what kind of visor he's selling, I don't want to be involved in a transaction with him.

    Disappointed in the response,
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    good call mark...

    im just pursuing this to see if a platinum will actually sell at $150...
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    Sorry it is a Ice Visor Deluxe. I have purchased a Platinum. Sorry about my confusion. It is in perfect condition. No scratches. It come in the original box with the USB cradle. The only option is a deluxe stylus.
    ------John G
    John G
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    Is this still available???
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    Thanks for your interest! I have sold the Visor Deluxe.
    ------John G
    John G

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