For sale is an XM Commander satellite radio receiver. This is the only XM unit that is designed specifically for automotive applications. The unit for sale is in very good condition and comes with the control unit, brain that mounts under the seat and the remote control. Please note that my trunk cut the antenna wire in half so this unit does not come with an antenna. You will need to buy a XM antenna in order for this to work. $30 or so at the big box stores.

I purchased the unit new for $169.00 a little over a year ago and am looking to get $50 for it shipped.

Please don't get nervous with the name "robber". I have been a treo central member since the early days of the treo 300 and have had many positive buying and selling experiences here. I also have 77 ebay transactions that are 100% positive and close to 100 positive points on which I use to buy and sell high end audio gear- tube amps and stuff like that.

robrodier at gmail if you are interested. Thanks