Hi, this is actually my first post!

I have a Treo650 for sale that was purchased in the middle of January...it's just 6 weeks old. It is the unbranded, UNLOCKED GSM version, with the latest firmware from Palm already installed (ENA 1.20). It can be used with any carrier.

I have a great leather horizontal holster case with magnetic closure that comes with it (you can view the case online at everythingtreo.com, called the P6 Pouch Case for Treo650). The phone is in MINT condition. In fact the only reason I'm selling it is because my company just issued me a new blackberry (I'm in consulting) and I have no need for the Treo. I have the original box and all items it came with....wall charger, installation CD (MAC and Windows), manual, etc....The phone is being sold 'as is'.

I live in Houston, TX. As for the asking price, it's US$410, which includes shipping.

Let me know if you're interested and if you have any questions!

K.C. Morris