Hey, I have a treo 650 from sprint, I can't excatly remember when I purchased this but I think its almost a year if not a little over. The phone is in good conditon, with normal wear and a few scratches here and there (nothing major). It comes with everything as if your buying form a store, includes home charger, manuals, the car charger pigtail, cd, phone of course and spare battery and stylus if I can find where those are. This phone is hardware A, and running spcs 1.12a rom, and prl 10030. This phone never gave me any problems such as sticky keys or constant resets. I might reset itself once in couple month. I'm asking 300 + shipping for this with everything above. If you want I also have a 1 gig sandisk extreme 3 sd card (their fastest). If you want both then it will be 350+Shipping, you can email me or pm me to get ahold of me.

Email aznboy690@hotmail.com