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    I am now on my FIFTH Handspring Prism, which also has the same shimmer resolution refresh problems that I mentioned in another thread at:

    I learned directly from Handspring Tech support that they have been sending me REFURBISHED Prisms as exchanges! Obviously these refurbed units are defective becuase they are not brand new! I doubt they were even "refurbished" by HS. They were probably just repackaged to send out to us whiners who demand perfection for our $450! No wonder Handspring has been so "great" about their exchanges! They are sending us used/broken crap that do not carry the $450 value we paid!

    Anyway, I am returning my unit back to Amazon for a full refund. I nthe meantime, I shall blow the dust off my Palm IIIxe and wait until the Palm Vc comes out.

    Yes, Handspring may be more innovative than Palm, but at least Palm has better quality control over their products! In sum, SO LONG HANDSPRING! I am going back to Palm!
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    I won't try to talk you out of your decision, you sound like your mind is made up. I'd probably give up after 5 defective units too!

    However, for your future reference (and for anyone else reading):

    It is common practice to send refurbished units on exchanges in the months shortly after a new product is released. Early VDX adopters saw this too.

    Bottom line is that if you don't want to deal with possible problems, or if you accept problems in early units but expect to get a brand-new one when you exchange, you should wait until a company is cranking out massive quantities and has a good-sized inventory of units before buying one.

    It's a shame more companies can't be upfront about this, but it is a reality.
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    I have been seeing this from day one when Handspring announced the Visor, and I still don't understand it. Why does everyone hold Handspring to the unbelieveably high standard for everything?!

    I had a Palm III that I had a problem with. When I called for tech support they said it was defective and would send me a refurbished unit. When I recieved it, it was worse than the first, so I called them back and they sent me another refurbished one. That one was not 100%, but it was fine and it was functional. Had there been a real problem with it I would have sent it back too, but the problems were cosmetic at best. The bottom line is, yes go back to Palm if you want, but what do you think you will get from them that is so much better?

    I have heard people complain about all the horrors of Handspring and the evils of Jeff and Donna, and it is getting EXTREMELY OLD. How can you expect and except nothing but absolute perfection from ANYONE? If you purchaced a new unit and it was defective, then get a replacement. After 5 I admit I would be VERY upset too. In fact after 2 I would be fuming, but that is not the point you seemed to be making.

    There are numerous posts here about how Handspring lied or cheated people and how they are going to burn in hell. This is insanity. My favorite lately has been all the whining about how the wireless modems don't support the Visors and Deluxes, only the Prism and Platinum. People say that now they have to upgrade when Handspring told them they could upgrade their Visors forever. Someone else made an EXCELLENT point that you cannot get on the internet running Windows ME on you 286 with 512k ram! With technology comes obsolesence, duh!

    I realize I got a little off the point here, and I aplogize for it. I have been silent on this issue for (apparently) too long.

    The bottom line (literly and figuratively) is this...

    Handspring is a company made up of PEOPLE! EVERYONE makes mistakes; me, you, them, everyone. Return your Prism, I would too. Give up on Handspring? Mabey, but ask yourself... "am I being realistic with my expectations?" Again, I agree that 5 is WAY too many, but to condemn the whole company is crazy.
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    I find myself in total agreement with TJ829. I stand by Handspring. I *WAS* told at the time I returned my first Prism that the "new-to-me" unit they would send was actually a refurbished unit that they swore wouldn't have the digitizer issue of the first one. And it didn't, just like they said, or at least it wasn't half as bad as the brand new unit. I am to this day still using refurbished unit #2 very successfully.

    I was also told by Handspring's phone support that I could return the first unit for a full refund, and get back in line for a new Prism, and take my chances it would be fully operative. But I took the refurbished one with the assurance it would have been through the hands of a Handsping technician.

    So now I have a little paint wearing off the back of my unit. I consider it a no more than a real-world indicator of the value I get from the "investment" I made.

    I do feel bad that anyone has been through 5 units. But with as many customers as Handspring has, I guess there are bound to be a few tall poles.

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    I'm going to be getting my 2nd refurb next week. My original had a problem with the digitizer, has paint rubbed off on the front, and the battery maxes out at 97% (According to the Easter Egg). Th refurb I got works great except that it doesn't accept beams from either my original Prism or my old Deluxe. Besides that it seemed fine, and I really wish I could have kept it.
    Matt Nichols
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    the battery maxes out at 97% (According to the Easter Egg).
    There is no such thing as a 100% charge. Indicated, perhaps, but in theory? That's ridiculous.

    To the original poster:

    I'd say something is wrong with you if you've had 5 visors, same model, all with the same problem. After the 2nd replacement it should have been apparent to you that you'll have the same experience. This isn't a high definition tv set. I don't know what shimmer you're talking about. Noticing the refraction of light seems natural while viewing and rotating this screen. Why wouldn't you look at the Visor directly? Yor expectations are pretty high for PDA viewing.

    I'm on my 5th visor. Problems with none. Only my own errors.
    "The Greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance -- it is the illusion of knowledge." -- Daniel Borstin
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    Originally posted by mrknowitall

    There is no such thing as a 100% charge. Indicated, perhaps, but in theory? That's ridiculous.
    Thats what I'm talking about, an indicated 100%. My Prism never went beyond 97% and often showed 95% to 93% despite a full night's charge. I know the battery should reach 100% and stay there for a small amount of time because the replacement they sent me does.

    Like I said, I would have kept the replacement if it were not for its broken IR which tech support was unable to resolve. I probably would have even kept the original if it were not for the paint comming off the front of the Visor (I could care less about the little bit thats come off the back ridge) and the digitizer.

    I agree that the shimmer is just part of the current screen being used in the Prism, both my original and replacement have it. Since it only occurs when you jerk it around, whats the big deal?
    Matt Nichols
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    I'd get out of the handspring loop too, if I could. Unfortunatly my first unit wasnt bought from them so I can't get my money back. Anyway, call tech support and talk with them, and they WILL send you a new unit instead of a refurb. I'm waiting in the mail for visor #6, a NEW platinum (upgrade from vdx). HOPEFULLY this one will work, as I don't have much more time to be dealing with this.

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    Its been a week and Amazon finally replied and are sending a new Visor out to me. Now of course I'll have 4 Prisms, heres hoping one of them will work!
    Matt Nichols
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    I wonder sometimes what all the fuss is about, really. I have had a Visor Deluxe, Platinum and Prism...none of these devices have failed me in any way. If there's a problem with these fine PDAs, well the error is usually mine. I am not writing that there aren't "lemons"; all PDA manufactures have the same problems. Go to a Palm discussions group, you will see my point of view.

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    Handspring replaced both my Prism and Platinum for me within a weeks time. Both problems were caused by me. I received new units. Also, I have never experience a noticeable shimmer with either Prism. My feeling is that some people are overly critical or anal. Remember many handheld devices are still in thier infancy and have made remarkable advances over the last two years. Many youger people expect immediate gratification. I remember people buying the first VCR's ans spending over $1000.00 for something now you can buy for $50.00 and is mega generations ahead of the original.

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