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    I am selling my Cingular branded Treo 650. It has always been in a case with a screen protector, so it has very few signs of wear. I am currently running one of the 1.20 stripped roms with the fat32 driver. I am getting a new phone through my company and I don't need it anymore. I will include,

    1x 1GB Adata 200x MMC
    1x Seidio Cradle ( the one that works with the T65)
    1x Spare Brando screen protector (still sealed)
    1x Spare Battery
    1x Horizontal belt case
    Original Box with all documentation.

    I have not had any trouble with it that I couldn't attribute to an app I had installed. If you want to check up on me since I haven't been posting here I am MrDublin on eBay as well. I have bought and sold there for years and have 100% feedback. PM me if your interested.

    $400 USD.
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    I offered to sell my T65 separately, but haven't gotten any response. Therefore if someone wants everything above and the T65 I'll sell it all for $400.
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    Here are some pictures of my Treo, if anyone is interested. BTW, I think I have sold the case, so I am going to offer the rest for $375. PM me if your intersted.
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    Liv is going to pass on the case, so I am adding it back in. Here is a picture of the Treo in the T65 case sitting on the Seidio cradle.
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    No one has shown any interest in this item, so I have posted it on eBay. If your interested you'll find it there.

    My Treo 650

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