Hey folks,
There have been some good messageboard postings about squeezing extra memory capacity out of Handspring's machines. If nothing else, the great amount of interest in this field suggests that increased memory availablility is going to be very high on the list for future Handspring developments. Quickly we went from "how does one fill the 8megs?" to "why would anyone make a machine with such a low memory limitation?"

Some major highlights of the forums include:
1. It appears possible to upgrade both the Platinum and the Prism to 16mb -currently available if you live in or visit Asia- and possibly to 32mb. As soon as some photos are available I suspect intested owners and a few motivated hobbyists will start performing the procedure here in the USA.

2. The visor and visor deluxe seem limited to 8mb of RAM.

3. Springboard technology has reached 16mb of almost-RAM, in which most, but not all programs can be run from the module. These are not yet available in the USA as far as I can tell, and will be kind of expensive when they are, at almost $10/meg.

4. Folks are developing compactflash adaption, an inexpensive alternative to Springboard modules. Well-functioning beta software and information about this project is available at Kopsisengineering.com. There are some very good pro and con messages about this innovation, including the current largest limitation of the project. This is namely that information must first be MOVED from the compactflash to the Handspring's RAM to be functioning. Will there be a "record paging" function like TRGpro's filemove that will allow for de facto running of compactflash programs? There is a great deal of interest in this: an egroups forum has numerous questions about this posted. The current software available allows one to click and move programs as one does with the backup or springboard modules. Future developments - possibly this month - include an autofile mover that allows for more seamless movement of databases back and forth. The limitation, again is time: a 2.5meg (large) database takes about a minute to move even with some overclocking.

I'm part of the group of folks interested in this compactflash technology. The cards are so much cheaper per meg: $1.30-$3.00/meg -with a current memory limitation of 192megs, that I thought it was worth a look. I ended up making about 16 of the short adapters and have tested them to make sure that they work with my 30meg compactflash card. The software technology is still in its infancy and the compactflash certainly has it cons but it is worth a look. I am auctioning one of these off at ebay and have a homepage to sell the remaining 6 of my adapters. Of course I am not completely unbiased but I think that the benefits merit some investigation and some more productive discussion.

Check out my website at:
http://cfadaptorch.homestead.com/cfadapter.html and follow the links for way more information.


PS: There is a fellow trying to make a commercial, nonremovable compactflash adapter and cfstorage card unit that he hopes to start sending out at the end of the month.