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    I have an NEW Visor Prism that I got for X-Mas and realized that I dont even use it. Does anyone want to offer me a price on it? I beleive it was bought for over $450. Anytakers want to offer me? If so give me an email.
    Blue Visor Prism
    USB Cradle
    Original Case and Screen Cover (2pc.)
    New belt clip case
    All manuals and original papers
    not a scratch on the screen!!!
    Email me if youre interested. I take PayPal, Pre pay or COD!*Honestly, I used it for about 1 week.
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    Sir Shan,

    How can we contact you? Your post did not include an e-mail address and your profile states that you do not accept e-mails from this board.

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    Ok, there is my email address! I enabled it!


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    Sorry everyone, I found a NEW home for my Visor Prism.

    It was SOLD today and it has been confirmed!



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