One month old handset with camera. EVDO: capable of broadband speeds over the air in served areas (all major airports and about 30-40 cities in the U.S.). Complete VZW package. (Sprint HAS NOT enabled EVDO on their 6600 handsets. If you use data, you NEED EVDO. Get it here with everything you need to hit the road safely and securely!)


2400 mAh extended battery: Lion V.3
Standard Verizon battery
1 GB SD card
Car charging adapter
Screen Protector


WebIS Mail 2.0 + License
Sprite Back-Up + License (get it, use it, trust it. The most important software package for your PPC.)
Pocket Tunes + License
CD with 146 software packages (many are trials, many are freeware 850 MB total) + a ton of ringtones to add as you wish.

This is a well sorted, very gently used PPC without any of the well-defined problems many seem to arrive with ( No BT/Sleep issues, Screen Buzzing, frequently lock-ups). I placed a new screen protector on it on day one.

NOTE: I know I don't have to tell you this but, Cell service is the responsibility of the buyer and IS NOT INCLUDED. Software use is at the risk of the buyer and seller assumes no responsibility for function or utility of the included software. All warranties and liabilities accrue to the respective software publishers and licensers. NOw, the lawyer in me is happy.

Reason for sale: Employer bought me a nice XV6700. Good Dog!!

Email me for ?? Pix (lousy, but you can see the handset) on request.

$300.00 PayPal or USPS MO only + shipping


Bob Duckworth