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    I am selling my nearly new Treo 650 (GSM World Phone) and its accessories.

    I have the box, all software, cables, etc.

    Also including:
    SanDisk Ultra® II SD™ 1GB card
    Plaintronics Wired headset (with snap on color changes, and extra buds)
    2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter
    Car Charger


    Its its fantastic condition, it is running the latest non-hacked GSM update from PalmOne (1.20) and works fine. I am selling it because I do not utilize it to its full potential and I would rather just have a standard phone and use my plain old paper dayplanner.

    I will include a CD of software for it as well.

    I am asking $400.00 plus shipping(insurance required). Compare this price to just the phone on ebay. Keep in mind this is a GSM world phone, unlocked and unbranded and has accessories. This phone is guaranteed condition and guaranteed clear ESN.

    I will *consider* cash and trades as well. I am in the market for a 200+gb hard drive and a Cisco 501 PIX w/psu, etc.

    Payment *MUST* be received before I ship. I will speak with you on the phone, email, etc.. to make sure you are comfortable with the arrangements.

    I will be posting this to Ebay over the weekend sometime. If you are considering this, please let me know asap so I dont spend the fees on ebay .

    Caswyn (Charles)
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    PM sent.

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    Still taking offers on this phone =)
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    1 more bump before I put the phone on Ebay tomorrow.

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