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    Have two items for sale here.

    1st, Palm Zire 71 PDA.

    Has all the cool Palm stuf, calendar, contacts, etc. Also has a camera behind a closed case. Nice because you can't scratch the lense. In excellent shape. Will include the stock case, a leather flip case that I used (not a perfect fit, but works well) and the software/ charger cradle. Also works as an MP3 player with the built in RealPlayer. You can even watch vids on it if you get a memory card and the right programs. (I can help you find them).

    Here is a review of it:

    2nd Nokia N-gage QD cell phone.
    This is a cell phone/ video game player. Layout is designed to maximize game play. Games are like SD cards, and can be changed while the phone is on and what not (this was not a feature of the first N-Gage). Has bluetooth for those fancy Star Trek looking headsets. Includes the following games:

    Spider Man
    Tiger Woods Golf
    Super Monkey Ball
    Tony Hawk Pro-Skater
    Call of Duty
    Tomb Raider
    Crash Nitro Cart
    Fifa Soccer 2004

    Also includes a Nokia Leather holster and charger.

    Phone has always had great reception for me, better than my wife's phone. It was on Cingular, but I unlocked it. I tried it with another sim and it worked fine, so should work with any carrier. I really liked this phone for down times, restaurant waits, etc.
    More info

    Shipping extra. Email me for more information if interested
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    Up for more interest.
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    one last shot

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