You don’t have to live with a lack of signal coverage in the environments that are most important to you. With the YX500 Series Wireless Extender™ cell phone signal booster, you can have the cell phone signal reliability you need to noticeably improve coverage in your home or office.

YX500 Series features and benefits:

The Wireless Extender cell phone signal booster improves cell phone signal strength through signal amplification
Improves coverage up to 2,500 sq. ft.**
Extends cell phone battery life
Replaces expensive landline phones
Reduces or eliminates static and dropped call

The Wireless Extender cell phone signal booster enhances multiple wireless applications, including:

Sending and receiving calls
Sending and receiving text messages
Instant Messaging
Picture Mail
Internet usage from your cell phone
PDA interactive messaging
3G high-speed data
Downloading Software
Security Systems Backup
Wireless Extender cell phone signal booster units support either Cellular (800 MHz) or PCS-based (1900 MHz) cell phones, but not NEXTEL or iDEN phones . NEXTEL and iDEN service providers will be supported by our YX500-NEX model, due for release in 2006.
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