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    Today I am offering for sale my own personal Palm Treo PDA / Cell Phone.

    It is almost 4 months old and has served me well. I have upgraded to a VX6700 as I needed to have EDVO service for some of the remote reporting I do.

    This phone works on the Verizon Network and if you are a Verizon customer you can activate it through Verizon's website at (Note for some data services you might need to have Verizons Data Service, check with Verizon for more details.)

    I will only sell this phone as a complete package, everything works well and is in very good condition. The Total Retail price of this complete package is OVER $1,050 if purchased new. I am making this package available for only $549 which includes everything in the package plus 2nd day UPS Air Shipping anywhere in the USA!

    (If there are no takers by Wednesday the entire package will go up online on EBAY)

    The package includes the base Treo 650, which includes the Treo 650 phone, AC Charger, Battery, USB Sync Cable and Installation Disk. The phone itself sells new for $299 with a new 2 year Verizon Contract, or $519 with no new contract)


    Plus it includes all of these extras:

    Extra Spare Treo 650 Battery ($59.99 Value) - MORE INFO
    Extra AC Charger ($29.99 Value) - MORE INFO
    Car Charger ($29.99 Value) - MORE INFO
    Extra USB Sync Cable ($29.99 Value) - MORE INFO
    Extra Treo 650 Stylus's ($14.99 Value) - MORE INFO
    Palm Treo over the ear Bluetooth Earpiece ($79.99 Value) - MORE INFO
    Palm Treo 650 Leather Swivel Case ($29.99 Value) - MORE INFO
    1 Gigbyte SD Memory Expansion Card (Not brand shown) ($89.99 Value) - MORE INFO
    Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard for the Treo 650 - ($129.95 Value) - MORE INFO
    Fully Registered Version of PDA Net ($24.95 Value) - MORE INFO
    Fully Registered Version of Pocket Tunes Deluxe ($34.95 Value) - MORE INFO

    Everything here works and works well, however I am selling this package AS IS.

    Again the full MSRP on all of this is OVER $1,050 but I am offering it for $549 including FREE UPS 2ND Day Air Shipping anywhere in the USA. Also once again I must point out that I WILL NOT SPLIT UP THIS PACKAGE.

    If you are interested please PM me or email me at scott (at) Thanks!

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