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    Updated Price for Treo 650 and SE BT Headset - $400, obo. want to sell these items this week!
    I have a newTreo 650 and I have a newTreo 650 and Sony Ericsson HBH 662 available for sale. The treo was purchased (December 2005) from the Palm website, unlocked GSM. I am asking $400, I will send overnight mail (insured) upon verification of funds. I accept PayPal. I have original invoices, plus all documentation and packaging. I have attached a jpg of the 650 and Headset.
    Additional pictures provided upon request.
    Accessories include, Seido Battery Cover with Reset Hole, Sena Leather Skin Case, no clip. Please contact me via the site, member (GDK) or email,
    Attached Images Attached Images
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