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    I purchased a Treo 650 about a month ago (used for about a month before I got it) and figured that I'd get myself organized again... Just not using it the way I should, and it makes for an expensive toy to only be a phone. So, before I ebay it, I thought I'd offer it here first.

    It is not unlocked, but it is in excellent condition. It has always had a screen protector on it, and the body, keys etc have no signs of wear.

    With it will be a Vaja leather case (black-no belt connector) and a horizontal belt case purchased here from Treocentral. I will also throw in a Motorola 850 BT headset.

    I don't have a history built up here, but I do on ebay (username avgjoe64) and have also had several successful transactions on Fred Miranda (Photography Website)

    I'm looking for $300.00 shipped, including PP fees.(I prefer to use Paypal for both our protection)

    Interested? Contact me thru email avgjoe64 at mac dot com.
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    E-mail and Dibs!!

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