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    I'm selling my Unlocked Treo 650 to get the new MDA for T-Mobile. It comes with everything. Original packaging, installation CD, sync cables, instructions and some. The phone is a month old at best if you are interested let me know. I hate to put this thing on ebay and eat the fees. So I'm selling it for $275 or best offer! I'm trying to get this sold by the weekend, I can pay for shipping inside the US. I'm also throwing in a Motorola HS805 bluetooth headset. Look me up on Ebay under Padilla_clan to see my ratings. Thanks.

    PM if you are interested. I may sell on Craigslist as well.

    Paypal only. Thanks.
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    PM sent!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigBadWolf
    Was that to me or someone else? If it was to me, than I still need your PayPal address. If it was to someone else...then I guess I don't.

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    ummmm.... confirm please

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