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    I just got this one on eBay at the beginning of December, but my parents got me a 650 for Christmas. Therefore, I have no use for this one or my Sprint plan anymore.

    If you want, we can try to get the plan transferred into your name for free.

    If you want pictures, please PM or email me.

    For references, go to eBay and look up my username there (unclesam099) or the 3000GT/Stealth message forum (; username unclesam099). I have positive feedback only on those sites, don't want to mess up here either. Thanks!
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    Anybody need this thing?? It's going on eBay soon...
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    don't need it but I have a question for anyone: If I sell my Cingular (former AT&T) Treo 600, does it matter if the SIM card is left in it?

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