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    My name is Carlos Averett; I'm with CoreCodec, Inc. We distribute TCPMP (The Core Pocket Media Player) - the web site is

    Anyhow, I'm responsible for a lot of the "official" 650 testing, and I have been using this phone (sprint) as my primary cellphone. Unfortunatly, with all the platforms we are working on, as well as streaming, it's getting harder and harder to test everything. As such, we're switching to a GSM provider, so that we can quickly switch service between phones.

    I'm hoping to trade phones with someone who has a GSM 650, and would like a CDMA 650 in exchange. This phone has been treated well, never used without a screen protector, though it does have some cosmetic scratches. It's got a good history, not in any blacklists, and I can provide the MSL if necessary. I'm just looking to trade the bare phone; no battery, chargers or anything of the like. It's currently running a stock Sprint 650 ROM, if you'd like, I can install a custom ROM (with VersaMail, Realplayer, and most Sprint customizations removed, and TCPMP installed).
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    Oh, here's a picture of the accessories - hopefully, they can help show I didn't just jack someone's phone.

    No, I wouldn't trade accessories.
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    To the guy who sent me a PM about my single post count, and lack of "Proof" I'm the TCPMP cyt0plas,

    Here is proof I'm the cyt0plas on - if you want proof from AximSite, feel free to ask Picard, the TCPMP lead developer.

    My Aximsite profile

    I've been around for a while, anyhow

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