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    I purchased a Treo 600 GSM from TigeDirect but did not realize that Verizon does not activate GSM phones only CDMA. Also, they don't allow returns or exchanges unless the phone was DOA. Therefore, unless I switch carriers or sell it on EBay, I am struck with a new unlock phone Treo 600 GMS phone. I was just wondering if there may be another solution.

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    Aside from the fact you bought a GSM phone and tried to activate it on a CDMA carrier (despite the fact that the two aren't the slightest bit compatible, good thing you did your homework first), since this is your first post out here, you won't get anyone to bite on a GSM-for-CDMA trade. Plus, with the 600 lifecycle near death and the 650 soon to be joining them, I'd say your chances of a swap are near zero.

    Your best bet is to eBay it and see what you can get. And do your homework in the future before you buy electronics off the web.
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