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    New compnay is telling me to get a BB.
    Treo accy's gotta go
    Cardo Scala-500 for Treo 650 (headset and two wall chargers) $25 shipped


    Seidio INNODock Cradle(2 mos old) $35 shipped- SOLD
    Seidio Retractable S&C Cable (w/Button) for Treo 650 $10 shipped-sold
    Palm Vehicle Charger for Treo 650 "2 fer" $15 shipped- sold
    S&C Cable (w/Button) for Treo 650 Free with first purchase above- gone
    ProClip Holster- Sold
    Slim wall charger for Treo 650- Taken

    I am starting a new job with, initially, lots of traveling. Any shipping will be done on Saturdays
    First come first served via PM
    I take PP
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    added holster
    Thanks for the purchases so far!
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    added Slim wall charger
    Thanks again!
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    Clean me out of this stuff people!
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    New reduced prices!
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    One last round and then it hits the circular file
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    what's left?
    it's not a crack house, it's a crack home.
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    The cardo headset with twqo chargers!

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