It is a PalmPilot 1000 upgraded to
a palm III with a pager card .all items sold as is. It
also has 2 MB of memory. It also comes
with a high power infared device that
plugs into the bottom of the palm pilot the software for the infared device can be found at

It comes with a cradle, regular
memory door, a memory door for the pager
card, leather zipper case, omniseal waterproof case, palm desktop
organizer software, professional edition handbook, stylus,
Graffiti reference, a screen
protector is already on the palm pilots
screen, pager card hand book, macintosh
desktop software, mac handbook,
quick start guide, pager easy start
installation guide, 6 ways to send a
message hand book, coverage area map,
serial to parallel adapter,no returns on any items,
I have included a pair of Nickel-Metal
Hidride & Nickel-cadmium Batteries.
I have added a DC power adapter to the
palm pilot you can either use it to
charge the batteries or to run the palm
pilot from a the car power adapter that
is included. no refunds.

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